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What is Alaska NPTAC?

The United States recognizes a government-to-government relationship, as well as a unique legal and political relationship, with federally recognized tribes. This relationship is set forth in the Constitution of the United States, treaties, statutes, Executive Orders, administrative rules and regulations, and judicial decisions. Honoring these relationships and respecting the sovereignty of tribal nations is critical to advancing tribal self-determination and prosperity.

Measures such as the Indian Reorganization Act, the Buy Indian Act, the Alaskan Native Settlement Claims Act, and the Tribal Employment Act Ordinance can impact contracting with the United States federal government as well as tribal governments.

Six Procurement Technical Assistance Centers are designated as NPTACs. They bring both expert knowledge of laws and certifications specific to Native Business and an understanding of the cultures and communities that foster them to help Native and non-Native firms be successful working in Indian Country.

The Alaska NPTAC strives to provide outreach, counseling and guidance to Alaska Native / Native American (individual) owned business, tribally owned businesses, or Alaska Native Corporation owned businesses located or headquartered in the state of Alaska.