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Peak Proposal Prowess – A Primer for SF330 Production (Webinar)

Three live webinars (April 9th, April 10th, and April 11th, 2019)

Under the Brooks Act, architecture and engineering services (A-E Services) must be procured
through a qualifications-based process for agencies to select the most highly qualified firms –
not the lowest price.

Since 2004, A-E firms submit their qualifications on the Standard Form 330 (SF330) for federal government agencies (and some state and local agencies). The SF330 form is designed to demonstrate a firm’s competence and qualifications to perform the work required by the government.

Developing SF330 responses to government solicitations is part art and part process. In this 3-
part training we’ll dissect the best practices and the proven process to prepare detailed and responsive SF330s while letting your creativity and brand come through. Using real-world feedback from Government reviewers, we’ll present a step-by-step discussion of each SF330 section, emphasizing key success factors to ensure the entire submission highlights your firm’s personnel and past performance to help you rise to the top.

Here’s what you will learn:

Webinar 1 – An Overview of the SF330 and Standard Best Practices for Part I and Part II
(60 minutes)

  • SF330 evolution from the SF254/255

  • Trends today

  • Critical success factors

  • How agencies evaluate the forms

  • Overview of Part I

  • Overview of Part II

  • SF330 Preparation Checklist

  • Data calls to support your win themes

Webinar 2 – Preparing your SF330 Response; Part I Sections A-G (90 Minutes)

  • Sections A and B – Stick to the facts

  • Section C – Maximize your team

  • Section D – Organizational Charts that display success

  • Section E – Show your professional qualifications

  • Section F – Demonstrate specialized experience

  • Section G – Relationship status

Webinar 3 – Preparing your SF330 Response; Part I Section H, Part II, and Final Quality
Control (90 Minutes)

  • Section H

  • Dissecting the solicitation

  • Outlining and storyboarding each required factor

  • Part II – required information and alignment with Sections C, E, and F

  • SF330 QC Checklist

This webcast is offered to Alaska registered PTAC clients only. Call 786-7258 or email for registration site and access code.

Click here to learn more and register

Later Event: April 10
Annual Website Checkup (Webinar)